Business Development Classes


Taking Care of Business

 Business Planning 

What are the tools that you need to reach the level of success that you have in mind? What are the things that you need to

change? Are you looking for incremental or exponential growth? This course will help you answer those questions and

more as you learn how to plan for the level of success that you envision for yourself. We will also take an audit of your

current business model to understand what changes you need to make to achieve your goals.


Ball of Confusion

 Buyer Consultation, Listing Presentation Strategies & Client Motivations 

This course will help you understand the motivations of today's buyers and sellers. In addition to learning strategies about

how to conduct a successful buyer consultation and listing presentation, you will gain insight on what is most important

to them in choosing an agent and understand their fears and motivations.


Into the Groove

Relationship Marketing

Harness the power of relationship marketing and build a community of ambassadors! You'll learn practical tips on how to

keep in touch with your sphere of influence and create and maintain top of mind awareness. We will discuss how to

leverage your relationships to expand your influence and create raving fans.

Business Development Classes


What Successful Agents Do Better

 Systems/Operations, Database Organization, & Time Management 

This course will provide a road map on how to create systems for the most important areas of your business. Highly

successful agents are purposeful about their work and they have operations in place that assures that they reach their

goals. You'll also learn key tips on how to organize your database and manage your time efficiently and effectively.


List to Last

Strategies to Earn More Listings

The most successful agents know that the key to longevity as a REALTOR is to obtain listings. This course will teach you

tools to gain market knowledge and market share! We will discuss proven tactics for you to implement right away to list

your way to success!



 Maximizing the Talents of You, Your Technology, & Other People 

We will discuss a variety of strategies including harnessing the power of your CRM, and investing in human resources to

make sure that you are working at your most efficient level. Do you need to hire an assistant? Or maybe you just need a

transaction coordinator? How efficiently are you working now? Do you need to hire a buyer's agent? Let's take an audit of

your business to ensure that you are operating at full capacity. Let's prepare to make sure that your next hire is your best!

Leverage is all about effectively using the talents of ourselves, our technology, and other people to achieve our goals!